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Archana Dubey (born 30 December 1989) is an Indian self taught artist. Specialized in creating different products from waste plastic paired with concrete. Quitting her job gave her wings to turn her passion into profession. One can visualize her love for animals in her artwork. She also like to work with acrylic and black ink.

With other 14 artists she painted large public art mural. Mindful of the pockets of greenery embedded within Lodhi Colony’s landscape and Delhi at large, the artists created an artwork utilizing the trees in front of the wall to create a dream like image to speak about the city's heritage that exists in the form of nature. Drawn delicately onto the walls, Asian elephants emerge as a symbol of endangered species creating a giant yet soft presence within the piece.

For the collective, these elephants are a larger metaphor of our natural heritage that is slowly fading away due to urbanization and the increase in pollution levels. As a way to reminisce the lost richness of nature in our cities, the artists created this dream-like image emerging from the real trees that face the wall. Thus to project the grey area between what is present and what is slowly becoming absent.

Besides involving herself in Workshops, Exhibitions, she also keeps herself busy in providing creative skills blend with sustainability.

Her vision is based on an idea that gives a message to save environment and protect animals. 

She's available for both animal & art projects, and open for collaboration with like-minded artists, designers, cultural institutions, galleries, labels and publishers. You can get in touch over email or any other social platform.

She is based in New Delhi, India


In 'Kala Spandan Art Fair' 4th edition 23-26 November, 2018 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.


In World Environment Week, 4–10 June, 2019 at INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL CENTRE FOR THE ARTS, New Delhi.

In Majlis Annual Event, 20-22 December, 2019 at Artizen Art Gallery, Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO, New Delhi.


  •  To create art which informs the viewer about environmental issues.
  • To create work from waste materials.
  • To make the change happen through arts.
  • To bring you good products that are made from recycling, upcycling, etc. 

What is happening?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the things you discard?
Where do they go?

State of Global Climate 2015-2019

Heat waves, cyclone, low sea ice, sea level rise, wild fires.  In 2016, weather – related disasters displaced 23.5 million people. CO2 growth rates nearly 20% higher than the previous five years.

The New ‘Normal’: Climate in India

Changing monsoon patterns, Increase in average temperatures, Annual incidence of climate-related disasters tripled since 1980. More frequent occurrence of both floods and droughts

Municipal Solid Waste: 2012 World Bank Report

•By 2025, world cities will be generating solid waste of 6 million tones per day

•Enough to fill a line of rubbish trucks 5000 kms long everyday

How much of garbage does India generate in a day? … in a year ?

1,88 ,500 metric tones ! …..per day 

i.e. 68.8 million metric tones per year !

What can we do to make a difference ?

•Start composting wet waste 

•Carry your own shopping bags

• Say NO to plastics 

• Say NO to bottled water……Carry your own filtered water in steel bottles…..it’s healthier, cheaper and good for both you and the planet

•Buy only if you really need it

•Reuse some dry wastes like glass bottles, old torn clothes, Paper flyers, plastic bottles/milk sachets

•Donate your plastic waste to us.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse

GreenandBlue offers a wide range of handmade crafts, concrete stands, recycle products and many more. Contact us for workshops and collaborations.


Creative Programmes

Learn or improve your art skills and promote a culture of sustainability.

Get college credit for art and design.

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Art for Change

 Join the War against CoVID-19,
Calling artists to fight against Corona,
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